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Media and Familiarisation Visits

Liverpool is a city with many great stories to tell. From its boom years in the 19th Century which made it one of the great cities of the British Empire, through its spectacular economic collapse in the second half of the 20th century, to its rebirth as a major centre for culture, tourism and education, Liverpool is rich in experience and history.

As the home the Beatles, the World’s Capital of Pop and the inspiration for actors, writers, poets and musicians, there is always something new to say about the creative source that is Liverpool. The people of Liverpool are always ‘good copy’ and happy to share their unique humour and accent with visitors. Liverpool Football Club is one of the most famous teams in the world and its unique combination with Everton just across Stanley Park makes an intriguing story.

Liverpool is also beautiful in a way that few cities are, its streetscapes are lined with extraordinary buildings. Its setting on the banks of the Mersey makes it one of the world’s most photogenic cities.

For these reasons and many more journalists and broadcaster of all types are drawn to the city. Liverpool Destination Services specialises in working with the media. In addition to our knowledge of the city, gained through our Blue Badge training, we have an outstanding network of key players in the city with whom interviews and meetings can be arranged. We have extensive experience of working with all types of media and can put together bespoke itineraries based on your interest, be it news, travel, scientific, educational/academic, business and economy or indeed any other subject.

Our services for visiting media include:

  • Accommodation Booking and Management
  • Itinerary Planning and Management
  • Meeting and interview facilitation
  • Fact checking and copy proofing
  • Access to image banks & local photographers
  • Ground Handling, Coordination, Transport Services
  • Ongoing support and ‘fixing’ during your visit

Familiarisation Visits

Liverpool and its city region is featuring in ever more programmes for tour operators and group organisers. No wonder as its unique range of historical, cultural and sporting assets is joined by an increasing number of internationally branded hotels and accommodation operators. We can support those operators looking to introduce or develop products in Liverpool by arranging itineraries and meetings with the right kind of accommodation, attractions and restaurants to match their customers’ needs and expectations.

In travel and tourism there is no substitute for really knowing your product and familiarisation is a key part of bringing new products and experiences to your customer, we can maximise the commitment that operators put into the familiarisation process.

Whether you are looking to develop a high end golf package, a group visit, conference or regular tours, let us develop a familiarisation visit for you that makes sure you speak to the right people on the ground, making the most of your valuable time.

Don’t forget once your familiarisation is a success we also offer a complete destination management package for operators and organisers.

Our familiarisation visits services include:

  • Accommodation Booking and Management
  • Itinerary Planning and Management
  • Meeting facilitation & brokering
  • Access to image banks
  • Ground Handling, Coordination, Transport Services